Renew and Protect Your Hardwood Floor


In September of 2006, business partners Jim Hoag, Ryan Stevens, Michael Kaplan and Sean Stevens founded Zerorez Carpet & Living Surface Care of MN. Their goal was to respond to a need in the market for carpet cleaning done professionally and with superior results as compared to what was present in the market. To that end, Zerorez made use of patented, non chemical cleaning methods that produced superior results for customers while also being free from chemicals. Visit Zerorez of MN’s website at

Almost since the beginning, customers of Zerorez began questioning how they should be maintaining their hardwood floors as well as their carpets. Curious to find out, the Zerorez team began investigating what current methods were out there and why so few people knew how to protect their hardwood investment.

What we found is that most homeowners weren’t aware of how to care for their flooring and would let the floors go until they were so scarred or damaged that they needed to be sanded or replaced. We also found that there did exist services for periodic maintenance that could keep floors looking beautiful and protected but that sanding companies often did not promote these services because they thought it cut into their core business of sanding. For the consumer, this meant spending thousands of dollars, moving out of their homes for days or weeks at a time and enduring the seemingly endless amount of dust left over from the process.

Out of this untapped need, Hardwood Hero was born. Hardwood Hero provides mild repair and preventative maintenance for hardwood floors that can be done in 24 hours, produces no dust and saves customers hundreds, if not thousands, versus traditional sanding.

The use of this maintenance service dubbed Super Protect by Hardwood Hero, defends hardwood floors from the wear and tear that flooring is subject to and renews the luster and appearance as well.

Hardwood Hero uses strong, waterbased finishes that offer the industries’ best dry and cure times, while also containing low VOC’s. The result is beautiful floors, minimized appearance of fine knicks and scratches and little to no lifestyle interruption for the homeowner.

Businesses too have seen the value of this service because they can beautify and protect their flooring investment while not having to shut down operations (especially retail operations) to do so. For these businesses, renewed flooring without the loss of revenue from having to shut down is key.